Sunday, 26 February 2012

Anglesea Heath

I thought I would try my luck in the Anglesea Heathland area today but the hot, windy weather defeated me. Apart from the ubiquitous Superb Fairy-wren, there was very little else to be seen. The forested areas did provide a few birds I have not photographed for a while so it was not a total flop.

White-eared Honeyeater, Anglesea Heath

Grey Shrike-thrush, Anglesea Heath

The most exciting find for the day was non-avian

Tiger Snake, Anglesea Heath

and I did manage to get the new 4WD into low range for the first time on a few tracks so the day was not a complete dead loss :-)


  1. Great snap of the Tiger Snake, Ian.

    i was out on Anglesea Heath yesterday too but like you had trouble finding birds. Last week the place was teaming with avian life.


  2. Thanks Geoff. Yes, I think the series of hot days and yesterday's strong winds made it a bad day for birds. I'm still trying to find the Southern Emu Wrens but have had no day.


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