Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bellarine Peninsula

Having been away for the last few weeks, it was a joy to get out birding today. The weather was not great - dull, overcast and windy - so just did a quick run around some of the usual spots on the Bellarine Peninsula.

First stop was Lake Lorne in Drysdale. Lots of waterbirds here but difficult to photograph due to poor light so spent time trying to get some of the common bush birds.

Magpie Lark, Lake Lorne Reserve, Drysdale

Several of the gums are in flower so there were a lot of lorikeets around and I managed to find one tree with low hanging flowers so I could photograph the birds from eye-level

Rainbow Lorikeet, Lake Lorne Reserve, Drysdale

It started to drizzle with rain so I headed across the Peninsula for 13th Beach-Black Rocks to check on the waders. Only the usual suspects but they were busy feeding and allowed me to get quite close

Red-necked Stint, 13th Beach

Double-banded Plover, 13th Beach

Red-capped Plover, 13th Beach

Last stop was Pt Henry where a Little Egret was close enough to see some detail in the plumage

Little Egret, Pt Henry

 and two Crested Terns held a territorial dispute over a rock

Crested Tern, Pt Henry

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