Sunday, 19 February 2012

Weekend at Phillip Island - Swan Lake bird hides

There are two bird hides at the end of the Swan Lake track and boardwalk. These offer great views of two active areas on the southern arm of the lake. Best time is late afternoon when there's a lot of activity there and the sun is behind you.

White-fronted Chat, Swan Lake, Phillip Island
Musk Duck, Swan Lake, Phillip Island
Chestnut Teal, Swan Lake, Phillip Island
Yellow-billed Spoonbill, Swan Lake, Phillip Island
Hoary-headed Grebe, Swan Lake, Phillip Island
Purple Swamphen, Swan Lake, Phillip Island
Little Black Cormorant, Swan Lake, Phillip Island


  1. Hi Ian, looks kike you had a good time at Phillip Island, did you see the mutton birds?

  2. Hi Wampy, we were staying at Surf Beach which is shearwater central. Thousands of them flying in at dusk - spectacular!

  3. Thanks for these Ian, especially the musk duck & chat. I was there a few weeks later and was expecting more water:


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