Sunday, 31 October 2010

Jerringot Wetlands

What do you do when it's windy, cold and raining and you don't feel well? Of course, go birding!

In weather conditions like today, the best (and probably only) places to look for birds are in wetlands or the sea so I chose the more protected option and headed for Jerringot Wetlands, between Barwon Heads Road and Barwon Valley Golf Course in Belmont Common, Geelong (see map) and is usually a good spot for a range of waterbirds.

Spring has sprung at Jerringot with many birds nesting or with young. This clutch of Black Swan cygnets were huddled together on what was presumably their original nest site in the middle of the lake.

Black Swan cygnets, Jerringot Wetlands
These two grebe chicks were swimming around by themselves with no adults in sight. I think they are Australasian Grebe but it's difficult to distinguish them from Hoary-headed Grebe at this age.

Australasian Grebe juveniles, Jerringot Wetlands


  1. Good afternoon, I’m a Year 12 student from Christian College and I was hoping I might be able to ask you a few questions for my Geography project relating Jerringot reserve. Any information in regards to Jerringot will be immensely appreciated.

    1: Do you visit Jerringot for bird watching or other recreational activities?
    2: How often do you visit Jerringot reserve?
    3: What changes have you observed in Jerringot over time?
    4: Do you live in the surrounding area of Jerringot or another suburb?
    5: What are positive aspects of Jerringot?
    6: What are negative aspects/problems of Jerringot?
    7: Are you aware of the Jerringot master plan? If so do you see it as a being effective? As well as whether you think the master plan will be a positive or negative change to the area?
    8: addition comments on Jerringot reserve?

    1. Please email me at and I will provide responses.
      Cheers, Ian


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