Sunday, 1 January 2012

Reedy Lake

Reedy Lake is part of the Lake Connewarre-Barwon River complex of waterways (see map) on the Bellarine Peninsula. There are several access points that provide good viewing of the various habitats around the lake shore.

Reedy Lake is one of the most reliable locations in the region to see Swamp Harriers but I find this species incredibly frustrating to try and photograph. They always seem to be too far away and flying in the opposite direction. Today was no exception. The only time one got reasonably close was on my first stop at Fitzgerald Road. The bird was almost directly backlit by the sun resulting in a pleasant silhouette with good tail detail but not a great bird shot.

Swamp Harrier, Reedy Lake

On the way out through Leopold, I noticed a White-necked Heron fly into a new residential development. It allowed me to get quite close while it was concentrating on hunting for food in a newly created pond.

White-necked Heron, Leopold

My second stop was the small reserve at the end of Moolap Station Road which has two areas of bushland along with an easily accessible lignum swamp from which I could hear Superb Fairy-wren, Golden-headed Cisticola and Striated Fieldwren and it did not take long to find all three with two of them allowing close access.

Golden-headed Cisticola, Reedy Lake
Striated Fieldwren, Reedy Lake

The Striated Fieldwren appeared to be taking food to a nest in a nearby lignum bush so I left it to do it's parental duties undisturbed. As I walked back to the car, a Black-shouldered Kite landed in a nearby tree. Unlike Swamp Harriers, this species is a delight to photograph. Apart from being stunningly pretty birds, they allow close approach if you take your time.

Black-shouldered Kite, Reedy Lake

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