Sunday, 19 February 2012

Weekend at Phillip Island - Gulls

Phillip Island is one of the few locations in Victoria where you can reliably see Silver, Pacific and Kelp Gulls.

On an early morning walk along Surf Beach (gotta love the originality of some of the place names...), we spotted a Pacific Gull feeding on a Short-tailed Shearwater chick but it bit off more than it could swallow with this one

Pacific Gull, Surf Beach, Phillip Island

The Silver Gulls that were hanging around watching the feast were also happy to approach me very closely (this shot is full frame)

Silver Gull, Surf Beach, Phillip Island

In the late afternoon we went to The Nobbies and Seagull Rock to try for Kelp Gulls in flight. The lookout at Seagull Rock is a great place to see these gulls flying on the updraft along the cliffs.

Kelp Gull, Seagull Rock, Phillip Island

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