Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Drysdale Ducks

There was a post on the Birding-Aus list asking about the recent reports of large numbers of Pink-eared Duck and Freckled Duck at Lake Lorne in Drysdale. As this lake is only 10 mins from home I did a quick drive-by at lunchtime today so I could provide more details.

Lake Lorne, Drysdale
Lake Lorne, Drysdale

Most of the ducks were away from the shore, close to the central islands

Pink-eared Duck, Freckled Duck, Lake Lorne, Drysdale

but as I was facing into the wind, I waited for about 10 minutes for the birds to float closer to shore in the breeze.

Pink-eared Duck and Freckled Duck, Lake Lorne, Drysdale
Pink-eared Duck, Lake Lorne, Drysdale

Also spotted two male Australasian Shovelers

Pink-eared Duck and Australasian Shoveler (male), Lake Lorne, Drysdale
Australasian Shoveler, Lake Lorne, Drysdale

and a pair of Eurasian Coots

Eurasian Coot, Lake Lorne, Drysdale

I also tried my hand at taking movies of the flock of ducks but haven't processed these yet...if they are any good, I'll post a sample here.


  1. Splendid set of birds - this is a good spot - reliable as any I know for Freckled.

    Feel free to link this post up to Wild Bird Wednesday that runs on my blog.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne (and sometimes Point Lonsdale!)

    1. Hi Stewart, linked to WBW.
      Agree, Freckled Duck are frequently seen at Lake Lorne but I've never seen so many Pink-eared.
      Cheers, Ian

  2. Beautiful pictures of the ducks.
    Kind regards, Irma

  3. So many ducks! A lovely series. I like the way the water ripples into stripes!

  4. Great variety!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Hi Ian Just discovered your blog on WBW and am delighted. I have been to Australia quite a few times as I have a daughter and her family out there and miss them but also the birding life. So this is a wonderful way to see more of Australia birds. Your photos are superb and I look forward to see more, now that I have joined your site. You will have to go back to that lake when those duck are not taking a nap!! Margaret

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments.


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