Monday, 10 June 2013

Queen's Birthday woes (again)

So I am a slow learner...on the Queen's Birthday Monday last year I was at Powlett River and the swarms of people and dogs made birding nigh on impossible.

This year I had the (apparently not so) bright idea of going to

only to be overwhelmed by the crowds: people, bicycles, wheelchairs...all enjoying themselves, running and riding loudly along the year I need to go further afield.

However I did manage to find a few birds

Common Bronzewing (female), RBG Cranbourne

I found this Yellow-faced Honeyeater taking dives into a puddle on the track

Yellow-faced Honeyeater, RBG Cranbourne

The walk across the Wylie Creek valley provided some great views 

but there was not much bird activity at the Wetlands, just the usual suspects: coots, grebes, swans, swamphens and a few ducks in the distance. One small flock of Hardheads did provide a bit of entertainment:

Hardhead, RBG Cranbourne

Perhaps the highlight was a family of carolling magpies, most partially hidden in the long dry grass but this one was happy to show off in full view

Australian Magpie, RBG Cranbourne

I took a drive through the hills of South Gippsland through Bunyip State Park and returned later in the day to Warneet, stopping at the small village of Blind Bight where I caught up with a "water dance" of grebes (yes, apparently that is the collective noun)

Hoary-headed Grebe, Blind Bight

and it seems even among grebes, that the kids can't help mucking about while the parents are trying to have a relaxing swim

Hoary-headed Grebe, Blind Bight

Also close-by was a solo egret

Eastern Great Egret, Blind Bight

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