Sunday, 4 September 2011

Crake Hunt, part 3

The great crake hunt continued this afternoon on my way home from Melbourne.

First stop was a walk around the wetlands at Truganina Park in Altona. I found one Buff-banded Rail among the usual Purple Swamphens and Dusky Moorhens in the reedbeds but no crakes.

Buff-banded Rail, Truganina Park

There had been reports of Baillon's and Australian Spotted Crakes at the T-Section of the Western Treatment Plant in the last few days so that was my next stop and within 15 minutes had found both in relatively clear view.

One Australian Spotted Crake came out foraging at the edge of the reeds only about 20 metres from where I was standing

Australian Spotted Crake, Western Treatment Plant

and there were at least four Baillon's Crakes a bit further away in the same reed bed. Unfortunately, they were backlit making it difficult to get any decent photographs but managed one with three birds in the one shot.

Baillon's Crake, Western Treatment Plant


  1. Hi Ian,
    Crakes are a joy to look for. Great pics

  2. Hi Mpho,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I will link to yours - nice work :-)
    Cheers, Ian

  3. Nice one Ian, I tried to get to the same spot but another photographer was already there so I decided to leave him alone. However I did spot a spotted crake by the birdhide. Thanks for the tip.


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