Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Connewarre Farmland

I took some back roads while driving into Geelong this evening and found a few interesting birds in the paddocks along Lake Road, Connewarre (see map).

There were five Cattle Egrets feeding in a paddock with a small herd of cattle. The greatest difficulty photographing the birds was the cattle - most of the herd saw me at the fence and came over to investigate (or beg?)...very friendly but, somewhat inconveniently, blocking the line of sight to the egrets.

Cattle Egret, Lake Rd, Connewarre

A few hundred metres down the road, this Brown Falcon was perched on top of a dead tree. It was aware of me but totally unperturbed. I am sure it would have allowed me to get closer but this is the best I could do without jumping the fence (I am always reluctant to trespass).

Brown Falcon, Lake Rd, Connewarre

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