Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Long Weekend in SW Victoria: Part 2. Sunrise at Bridgewater Bay

We stayed at The Sea View Lodge in Cape Bridgewater, right on Bridgewater Bay (thanks for the great hospitality Dennis!)

Sea View Lodge, Bridgewater Bay

This made it easy for an early morning walk on the beach to catch the of the advantages of winter is that 'early morning' is after 7:00!

Bridgewater Bay and Cape Bridgewater
Photo courtesy of Joanne Smissen

The colour of the early morning light combined with the reflections in the surface water on the rippled sand, made for some great views of Crested Terns and Silver Gulls but the very low light levels and mostly backlighting meant very slow shutter speeds would be required to adequately expose the birds. To avoid this, I decided to use fill flash to capture the birds and retain the colours in the wet sand. The flash also enables the colours of the birds to be captured vividly.

Crested Tern, Bridgewater Bay
Crested Tern (immature), Bridgewater Bay
Silver Gull, Bridgewater Bay

I had turned off the flash when these two started to perform but by then the light had improved a little allowing me to capture this interaction between adult and juvenile Silver Gulls.

Silver Gull, Bridgewater Bay

There were also some non-avian flyers hanging around.

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