Sunday, 1 September 2013

Seabirds in flight at Point Impossible

On the way home from the Western Treatment Plant, I stopped at Point Impossible to see if there were any waders at the mouth of Thompson Creek.

There was a plethora of people walking, fishing, playing with dogs and engaged in soccer and frisbee so there was very little in the way of birds on the beach other than the usual Silver Gulls and Pacific Gulls dodging soccer balls and dogs but generally undisturbed by the human activity. There were, though, several birds flying and fishing around the mouth of the creek.

Pacific Gull, Point Impossible
Caspian Tern, Point Impossible
Australasian Gannet, Point Impossible

I didn't quite manage to get the point of contact with the water but did get a couple of shots of the start of a dive.

Australasian Gannet, Point Impossible


  1. HI Ian fantastic shots especillay the ones in flight. Brilliant

    1. Thanks Margaret,
      I've been working on finding the best focus and exposure settings for birds in flight and perfecting a quick technique for changing the settings from my usual tripod mounted settings to handheld for flight shots so I try and practice whenever I can. I was just lucky that the terns and gannets were close enough to shore to get a few shots.
      Cheers, Ian


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