Saturday, 2 February 2013

Seagull Rock - birds in flight

Last February, I tried photographing the Kelp Gulls at Seagull Rock on the back road between the Nobbies and Summerland Beach on Phillip Island (see here). The lookout at Seagull Rock provides the perfect location for photogrpahing these magnificent birds in flight as they soar past on the updrafts. I couldn't resist the opportunity to try again this afternoon.

Kelp Gull (adult), Seagull Rock, Phillip Island
Kelp Gull (immature), Seagull Rock, Phillip Island

This is also a great place for raptors and I was lucky enough to capture this juvenile Swamp Harrier as it made a single pass before heading over the northern side of the island.

Swamp Harrier (juvenile), Seagull Rock, Phillip Island

and the usual Black Wallaby was hanging to provide some non-avian entertainment.

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