Saturday, 2 February 2013

Early evening at Swan Lake

After Seagull Rock I went to Swan Lake, my favourite place for birdwatching on Phillip Island. It has two well constructed and perfectly located hides as well as a great walk through different habitats on the way into the hides.

There were birds aplenty there this evening

Cape Barren Goose, Swan Lake, Phillip Island
Dusky Moorhen, Swan Lake, Phillip Island
Hoary-headed Grebe, Swan Lake, Phillip Island
Hoary-headed Grebe and Eurasian Coot, Swan Lake, Phillip Island

There were seven species of ducks (Pacific Black Duck, Chestnut and Grey Teal, Australian Wood Duck), this pair of Australian Shelduck

Australian Shelduck (male left, female right), Swan Lake, Phillip Island
and a solo Musk Duck

Musk Duck, Swan Lake, Phillip Island

but the highlight was four Freckled Duck, one feeding right in front of one of the hides

Freckled Duck, Swan Lake, Phillip Island

Even this Little Raven dipped it's toe in the water

before taking a full bath, then shaking itself dry on the bank.

Little Raven, Swan lake, Phillip Island


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