Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Egrets at Pt Lonsdale

My habit of having the camera bag and tripod in the car was rewarded today when passing the Swan Bay wetlands near the corner of Fellows and Murray Roads in Point Lonsdale (see map). This is my usual detour on the way to Queenscliff as it provides excellent views of a shallow branch of Swan Bay including the salt marshes along Murray Road. I noticed a pair of Caspian Terns flying over Swan Bay so pulled up to see if I could get a photograph but, alas, they were too far away and flying off towards Queenscliff by the time I got the camera out. However, it was my good fortune to spot the following "odd couple" on the pond on the opposite side of Fellows Rd.

Little Egret and Eastern Great Egret, Pt Lonsdale

The sky was dark grey with low cloud but this is an advantage when photographing white birds such as egrets because the low contrast allows the detail in the white plumage to be captured.

Eastern Great Egret, Pt Lonsdale

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