Friday, 5 November 2010

Royal Park

Meetings in Melbourne most of the day today but finished early so had an hour to kill before picking up my son from University of Melbourne.

The Melbourne suburb of Parkville has some great places for walking and birding.  Royal Park is a favourite as the combination of a range of habitats and proximity to the Royal Melbourne Zoo attracts a wide range of birds. The Trin Warren Tam-boore Wetlands in the north western section of Royal Park (next to Manningham Street - see map) have been created to collect and treat storm water run-off and are a great place to find water and bush birds.

Australian Reed Warbler were calling from the reeds all over the wetlands and several species of honeyeater were active (New Holland, White-plumed, Red Wattlebird) but were too far away or in the wrong locations to get good shots.

However, this Pacific Black Duck landed and started to have a splash bath right in front of me.

Pacific Black Duck, Royal Park

Sometimes the common birds give me the greatest pleasure :-)

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