Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fishing at Pt Henry

I had an hour to spare in Geelong this morning so dropped by Pt Henry. The tide was falling and several birds were making the most of it by fishing in the shallows.

This solo Eastern Great Egret was backlit by the sunlight reflecting off Corio Bay. 

Eastern Great Egret, Pt Wilson

A nice enough scenic shot with the You Yangs in the background but it was too far away to get any decent close-ups. Fortunately, it cooperated nicely by flying toward me and landing about 40 metres away, directly offshore from where I was standing, where it proceeded to hunt for fish

Eastern Great Egret, Pt Wilson

and was soon successful.

Four Australian Pelicans flew overhead and spooked the egret but they landed close by and spent about 20 minutes fishing,

Australian Pelican, Pt Wilson

ably assisted by a few Silver Gulls.

Australian Pelican, Pt Wilson

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