Saturday, 17 August 2013

A day at Phillip Island - Part 1 Fisher's Wetland

A great day of photography with the Birdlife Australia Melbourne Photography Group at Phillip Island today.

First stop was Fisher's Wetland where there were several pairs of Cape Barren Goose with goslings

Cape Barren Goose, Fisher's Wetland, Phillip Island

One family was almost oblivious to the crowd of photographers, walking close to and even among us, requiring a rapid removal of the tele-extender from my lens. 

Cape Barren Goose, Fisher's Wetland, Phillip Island

 A few Black Swans cruised around the lake,

Black Swan, Fisher's Wetland, Phillip Island

others preened and stretched.

Black Swan, Fisher's Wetland, Phillip Island

Australian Pelicans were resting in the middle of the swamp while Masked Lapwings stood on watch.

Australian Pelican, Masked Lapwing, Fisher's Wetland, Phillip Island

White-plumed Honeyeaters and New Holland Honeyeaters chased each other noisily through the surrounding bush. Their rapid and continuous movement and the backlighting made photography challenging but I managed to capture one White-plumed that sat relatively still for a few seconds.

White-plumed Honeyeater, Fisher's Wetland, Phillip Island


  1. Thanks for sharing Ian. Knowing each spot pretty well, I feel like I was there! It is a great buzz seeing albatross from "terra firma"!

    1. Thanks Pete
      Yes, I love Phillip Island and albatrosses are great to see anywhere, anytime!
      Cheers, Ian


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