Friday, 19 July 2013

Herring Gulls at Nubble Light

We are nearing the end of our tour of the east coast of the USA and today arrived in Maine, our 15th state of the trip. Nubble Light, at Cape Neddick near York, is one of the prettiest lightouses on the Maine coast so we dropped in there for a look late this morning on our way to Acadia National Park.

Nubble Light, York, Maine, USA

There were hundreds of birds flying around and perching on the rocks, as was the Herring Gull in the shot above, offering a bit more accidental birding.

Herring Gulls are probably the most common gull of the North Atlantic but 'common' is not a synonym for 'ordinary'. These gulls put on a fantastic display of flying

Herring Gull (immature), Nubble Light, Maine, USA

frequently gliding and hovering just overhead, providing some great close-up opportunities.
Herring Gull, Nubble Light, Maine, USA

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