Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A whale of a time...

I have commented in previous posts on the serendipity that comes from not leaving home without the camera but today confirmed it for me.

I was stuck at a computer all morning catching up on emails and other loose ends so by lunchtime I was ready to get out in the glorious spring sunshine. I picked up sushi from my favourite shop in Ocean Grove and drove to one of the many car parks along the Ocean Grove beach to sit in the sun and eat. There was not a lot of avian activity bar the usual gulls and the occasional cormorant but as I was finishing eating I noticed a disturbance in the water a few kilometres down the beach towards The Bluff at Barwon Heads. A few minutes of binocular assisted closer inspection (binos are always in the car) revealed two Southern Right Whales...and I had the camera in the car!

So, with camera quickly mounted on tripod, I grabbed a couple of quick record shots then marched down the beach to a better (= closer) viewpoint.

Southern Right Whale, Ocean Grove Beach

Just as I was about to leave, with the whales drifting further offshore, a flock of Pacific Black Ducks flew down the beach.

Pacific Black Duck, Ocean Grove Beach

While it is not unusual to see these ducks flying around the beach and estuary, they then did a strange thing--flying out to sea and turning west passing directly over the whales. I am fairly confident that I am never going to get these two species in the same shot again!

Southern Right Whale + Pacific Black Duck, Ocean Grove

...so the camera comes with me everywhere now :-)


  1. What an amazing experience and a fantastic photo op.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and adventure, Ian.

    1. Thanks Pam...I am very lucky to live in such a great place with so many wildlife photo opportunities just throwing themselves at me. I also love your side of the world. South Florida is a spectacular place for birds!

  2. G'day Ian,
    I've gotta agree, that last shot would have to be a bit of a rarity - right place at the right time!

  3. Can't believe that I haven't noticed before but there are two birds in the 2nd last shot with orange legs and feet so must be Mallard hybrids


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