Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lake Victoria, Pt Lonsdale

I went for a walk at Lake Victoria in Pt Lonsdale (see map) this evening. Immediately on arrival at the car park I could see a few Banded Stilts feeding close to the shore but once I got through the gate and closer to the lake shore, I was confronted with a flock of 400+ among Silver Gulls and Red-necked Stints.

Silver Gulls and Banded Stilts, Lake Victoria
Red-necked Stints and Banded Stilts, Lake Victoria

They were so intent on feeding that they allowed me to get fairly close.

Banded Stilt, Lake Victoria
Banded Stilt, Lake Victoria
Banded Stilt, Lake Victoria
Banded Stilt, Lake Victoria
Red-necked Stint, Lake Victoria

There were also 3 Common Greenshank nearby but they are usually quite skittish so I didn't try and approach them too closely. Unfortunately, they were almost completely backlit but there was no way of getting around behind them without wading out into the lake and scaring off the Stilts and Stints.

Common Greenshank, Lake Victoria

The highlight of the evening, however, was the smallest plover chick I have seen. This Red-capped Plover can't be much more than a few days old.

Red-capped Plover, Lake Victoria

While I was watching the plover and chick, a flock of Black-winged Stilts flew in over me onto the pond beside the golf course.

Black-winged Stilt, Lake Victoria
Black-winged Stilt, Lake Victoria
About 20 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos were screeching from the tops of the cypress trees on the golf course and while I was walking back along the track to the car park, they flew past me giving me time for one shot.

Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo, Lake Victoria


  1. Hi there - great set of pictures. You mention "the car park" in relation to Lake Victoria - I have often looked into this lake from shell road and would be grateful if you could let me know where the "car park" is.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS; I'm not a regular in your neck of the woods any more - visit Point Lonsdale a couple of times a year. SM

    1. Hi Stewart,
      The car park is at the end of Emily Street (off Fellows Road) in Pt Lonsdale. Drive along Emily past the wetlands (on the left) continue on the dirt road to the end.
      Cheers, Ian


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