Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Another trip to the WTP

I had to go to Melbourne this morning so took the opportunity for a visit to the Western Treatment Plant on the way home. First stop was the pond just inside the Beach Road gate where there were hundreds of Red-necked Stints (along with the usual handful of Curlew Sandpipers and Sharp-tailed Sandpipers).

Red-necked Stint, Western Treatment Plant
Red-necked Stint, Western Treatment Plant

There were also at least 6 Australian Spotted Crakes in and around two patches of reeds.

Australian Spotted Crake, Western Treatment Plant
Australian Spotted Crake, Western Treatment Plant

As it was high tide, there was little activity at the Bird Hide but there were 17 Musk Duck on the Little River.

Musk Duck, Western Treatment Plant

Further up river close to Gate 8, there were several immature Great Cormorants flying about and one landed on a stump in the river long enough for me to grab a yawn.

Great Cormorant, Western Treatment Plant


  1. Ian, I flushed a Latham's Snipe on Barwarre Rd Grovedale last week. Might be worth a look. On the gravel side of the cnr with Boundary Rd.

  2. Thanks Dale, will check it out. There have also been reports of an Aus Painted Snipe at Lake Connewarre near BH airport so I should check that out too.


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