Sunday, 10 April 2011

Passerine Paradise

I spent the weekend in central Victoria on a farm adjacent to Kimbolton State Forest near Lake Eppalock. An early morning walk among Grey Box trees revealed a wide range of small passerines. Here are a just a few...

Scarlet Robin, Lyal

Jacky Winter, Lyal

Willie Wagtail, Lyal

Rufous Whistler (female), Lyal

Spotted Pardalote, Lyal

Striated Pardalote, Lyal

Southern Whiteface, Lyal

Varied Sittella, Lyal

Oh, and a few non-avians attracted the camera also

Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Lyal


  1. You can´t imagine how much I love passerines! If you are a fan of them you should go to Argentina, they are all over the place. The apartment for rent in buenos aires I got when I travelled there had a window right next to a tree. The mornings were great to the sound of these guys!

  2. G'day Ian,
    Nice lot of 'captures' there - very enjoyable. The Southern Whiteface is one I haven't come across yet, don't have 'em here in Gippsland.
    Mind if I link your site to my blog? (I've only just discovered yours).


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