Monday, 14 February 2011

Chicks and Ducks

Quick visit to Jerringot Wetlands in Belmont Common, Geelong (View Map) this evening on my way home from Geelong.  A Chestnut Teal family was close by the road and not scared off by me getting out of the car, camera and tripod in hand.

Chestnut Teal (female), Jerringot Wetlands

Chestnut Teal (male), Jerringot Wetlands

Chestnut Teal, Jerringot Wetlands

While watching the antics of the ducklings all trying to get and maintain some space on this little island, a pair of Purple Swamphens and their five chicks appeared from the vegetation right in front of me. These two remained in view for about ten minutes but only briefly stepped into the sun.

Purple Swamphen, Jerringot Wetlands

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