Friday, 28 January 2011

Little Corellas at St Leonards

A quick lunchtime trip around the Bellarine Peninsula today and I discovered (not hard given the amount of noise they were making) a flock of Little Corellas at St Leonards Lake Reserve (View Map). It was difficult to count numbers as they were scattered among the eucalypts on both sides of the lake but I estimate 200-300 birds. I have seen one or two Little Corella here previously but never in these numbers. I suspect they've flown south because of the floods inland.

Little Corella, St Leonards Lake

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  1. Hundreds of corellas are at Indented Head on Seascape drive every day. They are very noisy between 6.30-8.30am. They sit on your roof and TV antennas. My TV antennas is completely bent from the weight of these birds. We haven't had them here in such large numbers, well I have only lived here since 2010. I have also seen quite a few Tawny frog mouths in the evenings.


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